3 Tips to start playing online poker

If you are new to online poker, then you’ve probably noticed that playing online is different than playing casino poker. Because of the much more comfortable feel of playing from home, it’s easy to lose focus and forget why we are playing. That is how we start making mistakes or play worse than we are capable of. For this reason, we’re going to give you a few basic tips to get you starting with online poker, tips which should help you become a more focused, if not a better player.

1. Explore the interface

Online poker offers you a less intense gaming experience than casino poker. You need to learn the interface and understand the software options. One of the major changes from casino poker is the faster pace of the game. Unlike real life poker, in online poker you only have a few seconds to act. That means you need to do a lot of thinking and pay attention to what’s happening at the table in a much shorter time frame.

2. Start with low stake tables

Given your need to get accustomed to the online way of playing, it would be advisable to start by playing low stake tables, for two reasons. First, it would mean you would risk losing less money. In online poker there are no tells, no possibility to directly observe other players. It will affect your game if you used to rely on that during casino poker matches. You need to adjust your style and take a more intuitive approach to the game. Secondly, because you are playing for loose change, you will focus on learning and not on winning. This is great, because you can’t put a price on experience. And if you can gain experience with low costs, then you should.

3. Play one table at a time

Unlike casino poker, in online poker you can play a number of cash tables and tournaments at once. That can be pretty tricky, because it means your attention needs to be distributed between all the tables. That’s pretty hard to do if you also want to pay attention to what is going ‘around you’ at the table. This is why you should start by playing just one table at a time, even if you feel it’s boring.
For the same reason, you should avoid finding alternative activities to keep you busy during the hands you’re not playing. Watching videos or surfing the web may be a pleasant pastime, but it may cause you to make mistakes. Instead, you should pay attention to the table window and to the other players. Try to notice patterns and any other information that might help you win against them.

Poker should be taken seriously, no matter where you play it from. Maintaining a disciplined style of play is vital in order to win, and this is something which should be kept in mind, whether you’re in a 200 table poker room or lying on your bed, at home.

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