6 Tips for playing the slot machines

Slot machines are the main attraction of a casino. It’s easy to learn how to play them, they have an attractive design, and they promise impressive jackpots to the players. Slot machines account for most of the profits of casinos – as much as 75-80%, and if you’re a slot player we hope you will find the following tips useful during your next visit to your favorite gambling establishment.

1. Play the slot machines with the best payback rate
Depending on the amount bet for each spin, slot machines give back different payouts. Slot machines payback rate usually varies between 90 and 99 percent. The highest range of payback rates is given by 5$ slot machines, followed by 1$ machines. The rates become lower as the denomination decreases. The best idea is to play the highest denominations which your bankroll allows you to.

2. Play in the right establishment
If one casino offers “up to 99%” paybacks it doesn’t mean that all its machines offer that pay back rate. ‘Up to’ means that the maximum is 99, but it doesn’t tell us what is the minimum rate or how many machines offer the maximum rate. This is why you should try to locate a gambling establishment which doesn’t use sneaky “up to” in their banners.

3. Use your player card
Player cards allow you to take advantage of various special offers for casino loyal customers. Insert your player card in the machine and your player points will add up. Even with a small bankroll, if you use your small winnings to continue playing you can end up playing as much as a few hundred dollars per hour.

4. Test the machine
Feel free to test the machine before feeding it too many coins. Play for a few minutes and then determine how much you’ve won. If you’ve lost more than you’ve won, you might as well go to the next machine.

5. Use coins, not bills
When using coins, the game is slower, allowing you to get your ‘adrenaline fix’ faster. Using coins means that you will play for longer while spending the same amount of money.

6. Be a disciplined player
For all games of chance discipline is very important. Think about the way in which you will handle the potential winnings or losses. Know when to stop and, if you are winning, decide if it’s not better to cash out your profits and continue playing the original bankroll.

These are the 6 tips we feel you should keep in mind the next time you’re playing the slots. By using these advices and with a bit of luck, we hope you will have a most fun and profitable playing experience.

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