An app to help pokies addicts

As you probably know, gambling addiction can be a real problem. That’s why everyone involved in the gambling industry, together with the institutions of Australia, are fighting together to prevent it and to fight against its consequences. One of the final steps is to forbid the entrance at casinos to people with gambling addictions. However, since you can find pokies everywhere nowadays, you can not ban people for entering a bar for instance. So it is sometimes complicated to keep control of the addictions.

Quit Pokies can be a very useful app to help fighting against the gambling problems. Every time someone with this app installed in his/her mobile phone enters a place where there are pokies, it triggers a warning. In order to the app to be effective, the users would need to provide a list of places that they visit regularly. The alarm, similar to the one you get when you receive an SMS, will be active until the person leaves the place.

The app also provides information about the daily losses of people at each venue, and give recommendations of other possible activities to do nearby, as going to the movies, play bowling, go to a nice cafe, or just visit a park.


The app was developed by gambling addictions specialists together with the best developers, in order to be able to know how the mind of an addict works. Of course, this app will only help the people who has made the step already of looking for help. Actually, the app only helps those ones who decided to install it on their phones. So its for people who has had some previous assistance or treatment before. And at any case the app will be effective if the user has no determination of staying away of pokies. It’s just a reminder that pokies are not good for them.

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