How to deal with bad beats in poker?

A bad beat, also known as the suck out, is a term that is used to define a case when a player with an excellent hand loses the game. A few common examples of bad beats include pocket queens beating pocket kings with the help of a third queen that opens up on the river. In order to actually suffer from a bad beat, the player must dominate his opponent’s hand all through the round and still end up loosing the game. It is common for people suffering from a bad beat to get angry and frustrated. Most players usually understand and sympathize with fellow players when they suffer a bad beat and try to console them that the loss is understandable. However, complaining and whining about a bad beat is simply not the way to go. Even though bad beats can be difficult to handle, you need to know how to deal with bad beats in poker to ensure that those sympathizing with you don’t end up getting angry with your behavior.

Take a break from the game

One of the best ways to recover from a bad beat is to take a break from poker. The duration could be for a few moments or a few days, depending on individual circumstances and bankrolls. However, just because you quit the game, it doesn’t mean that you cannot win back your money. In fact, you give yourself a greater chance of winning back your money as you allow your mind to freshen up before you play again. Those playing tournament games might not have the luxury of a break if they’re still in the game. We would suggest all such players to fold for a hand or two to allow their minds to calm down and focus on the game once more.

Good players suffer more bad beats than others

By its definition, a bad beat is normally suffered by a player who was a favorite to win the game. Therefore, good players are known to suffer from bad beats more often. If you suffer from a bad beat, you could console yourself with the fact that all good poker players suffer from bad beats from time to time and that it is a part and parcel of the game.

Understanding when it’s time to quit

Every player has a breaking point. This breaking point has been defined as the amount of money you need to lose before you begin to play irrationally. You must make sure that you keep your emotions in check while playing poker and understand your breaking point before you start the game. The key to being a successful poker player is to realize your breaking point and quit the game accordingly. Remember, poker is ultimately played to have fun. You should quit for the day the moment you stop having fun.

Accept your losses

Accepting a bad beat is the best way of getting over it. Anger, frustration or sorrow might beckon you with their temptations, but having a rational mind is the way to go. You’ve probably seen all sorts of players suffering from bad beats during your poker career and you must have noted how the good ones accept these bad beats as a part and parcel of the game. That’s exactly what you need to do as well. Remember, it happens to everyone.

Become process oriented and don’t bother about the results

Most poker players end up loosing the game because they are result oriented. Almost each and every action in poker needs to revolve around the strategies and processes of maximizing the expectation in every hand. Your only goal should be to create the best possible hand and device strategies on what type of hands to bet on. If you begin to believe that it is OK to play a perfect game of poker and still end up losing, you should easily be able to deal with bad beats and move on with your game.

Ultimately, bad beats are a mental issue. Make yourself strong enough to deal with them or simply take a break to allow your mind to relax and rejuvenate before you play again.

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