Did You Know That? Real Facts About Pokies

Did You Know That?

Real Myths and Facts About Pokies

If you’re out on a Friday or Saturday night, there’s always at least one guy who has a few too many and thinks he can ”own” the pokies and win a fortune. He tells you he has a secret method that can be used to win big; either by betting a certain way, or by raising his bet at a certain time.

The real truth is that he is WRONG. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting facts about pokies that you probably aren’t already aware of.

Myth Number 1: “It’s all about timing man! If I hit the button at the right time, it’s sure to line up correctly and pay me heaps of cash!”

Truth: Unfortunately, this is very incorrect. Timing has nothing to do with it. Before you even press the button, the pokie machine knows what the next spin will look like. It’s all pre-selected and the timing in which you hit the button has absolutely nothing to do with the result.

Myth Number 2: “OK guys, that person who was playing the Where’s the Gold machine in the corner over there, put hundreds of dollars into it, and the lady before that didn’t win at all! Let’s play it and we’re sure to win!”

Truth: This is also very wrong. Pokie machines are programmed to take more money than they give, meaning it is completely random regardless of how much the people playing it before you put in. Repeat – every spin is completely random.

Myth Number 3: “Damn, this annoying machine hasn’t given me the spins for ages, so surely it is going to pay up soon!”

Truth: Nope. It could go on for hours and not pay you a cent. It’s random and the next spin might pay nothing, or you could win the jackpot. Who knows.

Myth Number 4: “Nah, we need to play Queen of the Nile 2 instead. I always win on that one, and it’s way more lucky!”

Truth: All Aussie pokie machines are programmed the exact same way and there’s no particular machine that is more likely to pay more. Each one will undoubtedly give random results, regardless of whether or not you consider it to be your “favourite pokie machine”.

Myth Number 5: “Let’s go to the pub at 5pm, because Dolphin Treasure usually pays out the most at around that time!”

Truth: Once again, it’s all just random. Aussie pokie machines use a type of software called RNG (random number generator), and the time of day that a particular machine pays out has nothing to do with it. The purpose of pokie machines are to make money – and that’s exactly what they do, and why they are so lucrative for pubs and clubs all across Australia.

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