If We tell you this name, Don Johnson, you probably have no clue who are we speaking about. But he has an interesting story that we are going to tell you.

Don Johnson is a normal looking guy, living a normal life, in a normal house, with a normal family, and a rather normal job. But he has a secret skill, unknown by most of the people around him. He is pretty good in blackjack. He is actually known in Las Vegas as the “Blackjack Beast”. He was won a reputation and a name for the past years, and casinos literally fear his presence.

Last year, Don Johnson literally closed down Casino Tropicana in Atlantic City after one evening of Blackjack. He won over $6m, which led with the casino bankrupt. His show was followed by many curious and spectators, who couldn’t believe how this normal man could bet hands of over half a million Dollars. But he didn’t just attract curious people around, also all the casino managers, who were checking he was not cheating, since they never saw anyone so successful.

But this was not the only time that Don Johnson left a casino with such incredible bag. He also won $5m at Borgata Casino and $4m at Caesars Palace.

His popularity is so big, he even got Bloomberg TV made a documentary about him and his success in Atlantic City. After his success, obviously, he has been banned in most casinos, so it’s pretty hard for him to keep conquering casinos. However, he can always play blackjack online. He will have the chance to play without being identified and banned at the casino doors, what must be a little embarrassing actually. And also, all this rises a question…is it legal to ban an user just because he is good at a casino game? I know the goal of casinos is to make money, but isn’t it a form of discrimination?

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