Is gambling all luck or is there skill involved?

One of the most debated questions related to gambling happens to be whether it all sheer luck or rather an informed decision of the players that led them to victory. Till date a number of mixed responses have been received and hence no such conclusion could be arrived at. In reality, gambling involved a decent mix of both. However, some games in gambling are entirely based on 100% luck while others specifically based on calculations.

An important aspect for a newbie into gambling is to remember that he must try and gather as much information about the game as possible. He must initially try and observe the players and try to understand the basic set of rules involved. One the strategy is set in, he must start off with little money. Also there are plenty of resources only that can be helpful in understanding the basic ideology it based upon.

There are plenty of games based upon sheer luck and for miscellaneous reasons even happen to be extremely popular amongst the players. Reasons may be unknown but could probably be the excitement involved. Most of them without any sound reasoning are some of the most popular amongst players. Some of the best examples of such games would be slot machines, bingo etc. The result is beyond the control of the player. It is completely based upon luck as to how they fare on such machines and win. Despite players try a number of other alternatives like pressing the buttons differently or something else; it is still bound to reap the same result as it would want to.


Games based upon reason and skill too is popular amongst a different set of players. Also, such games involve comparatively lesser risk as compared to the ones based upon luck. Since these games are based upon calculations and probability it seems to be less dangerous. But then eventually, one must be ready for anything unexpected to happen anytime. It is important for players to not be over confident of their calculations and also set a limit of money they wouldn’t want to spend beyond. It is important to do so as it forms to be the primary reason why many incur huge losses.

Some excellent examples of skill based games would be poker and other card games. Even tough, in poker, one cannot really expect which card to follow, but yet there are plenty of other options a player can look for to predict the kind of cards his opponent owns. One of such indication could be the bets his opponents is placing would help him understand the cards he own. It is one such game which is extremely interesting and once a player gets the hang of the game, gradually he can easily master the skill too.

Here are instructions for basic card counting. Gambling isn’t solely based upon either luck or informed decision. It is mix of both. There is absolutely no sure shot method of success in gambling.

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