Myths and Facts about Gambling Addiction

Each and every gambling event ultimately boils down to chance. Spending longer or spending more money will not have any impact on the outcome of the next game. Gambling is usually considered to be an independent series of events where each event is completely separate and unattached to the events before or after it. Here are a few myths and facts about compulsive gamblers and gambling addiction that are worth reading about.

Myth: One needs to gamble on a daily basis to become a compulsive gambler
Fact: A compulsive gambler can gamble frequently or infrequently.

Myth: A person can never be addicted to gambling
Fact: Gambling offers players with a sense of euphoria and a unique “rush” that keeps them at it for hours. Players known to get addicted to gambling can have major withdrawal symptoms when their access to gambling is cut off.

Myth: A player can always break even if he/ she plays long enough
Fact: With the house edge always stacked against the player, there is no way to break even in the long run while gambling.

Myth: Irresponsible people are the only ones with gambling problems
Fact: A gambling problem can happen to anyone. One doesn’t need to be irresponsible, weak or lazy. Even the successful ones are known to get addicted from time to time.

Myth: Gamling is not a problem if the gambler can afford it
Fact: Gambling isn’t just a financial problem. It can also lead to a complete emotional breakdown for the gambler and make him/ her loose out on many important relationships.

Myth: Gamblers are criminals
Fact: Gamblers are as innocent as every other person. Their only problem is that they made a mistake or two in their choices.

Myth: People with compulsive gambling problems will bet on anything
Fact: All compulsive gamblers have their preferred games. Moreover, many compulsive gamblers are also known to showcase a considerable degree of skill. Their only problem is that they don’t know when to quit.

Myth: Keeping a track of previous results can help you determine the upcoming results
Fact: Events that occur while gambling are completely independent of events that occur before or after them. Yes, there are a number of betting strategies that claim otherwise, but most of them are bogus.

Myth: People with compulsive gambling problems are often driven to gamble because of their partners.
Fact: People with compulsive gambling problems try and rationalize their actions by blaming others and avoiding responsibility for their own actions.

Myth: Understanding a game and its strategy guarantees a win in the long run
Fact: There is no game in the world of gambling that guarantees a win in the long run. If this were so, gambling companies would have been bankrupt and players would have earned by gambling year after year.

Myth: You should always help problem gamblers with a debt
Fact: It might appear to be the right thing to do, but bailing out a problem gambler is likely to make matters worse.

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