Pokies For Ipad


Pokies are among the most popular casino games available. Land-based pokies were always popular options at land-based casinos and as online casinos became available, online pokies grew in popularity. Today, there are mobile casino and players are able to play their favourite casino games on the move. With iPads, playing pokies on the move is an even more popular option. Launched in April 2010, the iPad from Apple is a series of tablet computers that has grown in popularity, with the iPad 5 already being released. The iPad runs on Apple’s iOS.

Online Casino Apps for iPad

The first mobile casino was launched in 2004 by Microgaming and since then they have grown in popularity and availability. As more people around the world own and use mobile devices, more mobile casinos are being launched. Many of the popular online casinos have now launched mobile platforms for their online casino. With the development of the Apple iPad, mobile casino gaming has become even more popular. To find pokies for iPad, simply visit the Apple iTunes Store where you will find a wide range of casino apps. Here you will find pokies games, as well as many other casino games options.

Why Play Pokies on iPad?

iPad comes with built-in WiFi, as well as 4G services which allows them to connect to the Internet in almost any location. They are about the size of small laptops, which means that you can play on the move on a screen that is comparable to the size of a laptop screen and much larger than a smartphone screen. They offer sharp and clear graphics with microphones for sound. The iPad, particularly the new ones are sleek and light-weight, making them easy to carry around. This is the first reason that many people are choosing to play pokie games and other casino games on iPad.

iPad offers touch screen technology that is particularly well suited to mobile casino game play. When playing pokies on an iPad you can just tap the screen, as opposed to clicking buttons like you need to do at an online casino. This makes game play faster and smoother, enhancing the player’s gaming experience.

A large number of online casinos today offer a mobile platform and many of these offer a casino that is compatible with iPad. This means that players can enjoy a selection of the best games from an online casino, via their iPad. Being able to play top pokie games, on the go, wherever you are, from a large screen adds a whole dimension of convenience and simplicity to casino play.

Disadvantages of Pokies for iPad

iPad does not support Flash technology which means that iPad pokies games are only available when the casinos are compatible for iPad and support HTML5. Download versions of casino games will not work on an iPad. There are significantly fewer games available on a casino’s mobile platform than via their online platform. A casino may have 300+ online games, but only 20 mobile games.

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